• 1908-2021

    Vacuum skin packaging of cooked food

    In April, 2021, our customer has launched their new project of VSP package for Sauce Duck. As per customer's requirement, we designed this VSP machine for them.

  • 0401-2021

    Reliable thermoforming vacuum packaging machine made in China

    As a benchmark of China's thermoforming vacuum packaging machine industry, Shanghai Sanjing Machinery Co., Ltd. continues to develop and innovate. Strive for no best, only better

  • 2112-2020

    Shanghai Sanjing automatic vacuum skin packaging machine

    Conventional vacuum skin packaging machine, after the vacuum skin action is completed, the film around the packaging tray needs to be manually cut off. This operation not only wastes manpower, but also makes the film cutting unsightly and reduces the product grade. Vacuum skin packaging machines produced by Shanghai Sanjing Machinery Co., Ltd. all realize fully automatic film cutting.

  • 2411-2020

    Application of Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Food Preservation 2

    The development and research of various types of food modified atmosphere packaging products include modified atmosphere packaging technology such as the composition and mixing ratio of protective gas, the selection of packaging materials and the preservation period test. The structural composition and fresh-keeping requirements of various foods are different, and the composition and mixing ratio of protective gas must be obtained through experiments to obtain the best fresh-keeping effect and fresh-keeping period.

  • 2611-2021

    Application in food industry-Vacuum skin packaging machine

    Vacuum skin packaging products are widely accepted by people worldwide.

  • 1711-2021

    The principle of food MAP packaging

    Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), also known as gas replacement packaging, is widely used in the preservation packaging of fresh food (fish, meat, fruits and vegetables), cooked food and grilled food. Compared with frozen packaged foods, modified atmosphere packaging for foods has high freshness preservation quality, which can maintain the original juice, original taste and original color of foods, and meets the requirements of ready-to-eat or cooking in kitchen engineering.

  • 1111-2021

    3D skin pack---The best package for steak

    For users, freshness and convenience are the first elements of packaging, but for the industry, in addition to these elements, more to be considered is the ability to "sustainable development." It is estimated that 33% of all fresh foods we produce have never been eaten. This is equivalent to 1.3 billion tons of food, accounting for 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, most of the landfill waste is food waste.

  • 2311-2021

    Vacuum packaging preservation function

    Vacuum packaging refers to the method of removing the air in the packaging bag and sealing it to keep the food in the packaging bag from the outside.

  • 0311-2021

    The difference between Synthetic steak and normal steak

    What is a synthetic steak? What is a normal steak? What is the difference between the two? Can synthetic steak be eaten? Recently, many consumers are concerned about this issue. Today, I will explain to you in detail how to distinguish the two.

  • 0810-2021

    the importance of vacuum packaging

    With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for food packaging are getting higher and higher, and the global food processing packaging manufacturing industry has developed rapidly.

  • 2309-2021

    Vacuum skin packaging of cooked food and lunch box

    As people's pace of life accelerates, cooked food becomes an indispensable food on people's tables, and cooked food in vacuum package is more popular.

  • 1409-2021

    new development direction of vacuum packaging machine

    The packaging industry is undergoing transformation and upgrading. Facing the broad development space in the future, the vacuum packaging machine industry must strive to develop new technologies in order to occupy a place in the increasingly fierce market competition and the rapidly growing market.

  • 1309-2021

    New standards for takeaway food packaging

    With the increasing popularity of takeaway food, the safety of takeaway food packaging has received more and more attention. A newest escort for the "last mile" of takeaway food safety--Vacuum packaging for takeaway food.

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