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  • 2311-2021

    Vacuum packaging preservation function

    Vacuum packaging refers to the method of removing the air in the packaging bag and sealing it to keep the food in the packaging bag from the outside.

  • 0311-2021

    The difference between Synthetic steak and normal steak

    What is a synthetic steak? What is a normal steak? What is the difference between the two? Can synthetic steak be eaten? Recently, many consumers are concerned about this issue. Today, I will explain to you in detail how to distinguish the two.

  • 0810-2021

    the importance of vacuum packaging

    With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for food packaging are getting higher and higher, and the global food processing packaging manufacturing industry has developed rapidly.

  • 2309-2021

    Vacuum skin packaging of cooked food and lunch box

    As people's pace of life accelerates, cooked food becomes an indispensable food on people's tables, and cooked food in vacuum package is more popular.

  • 1409-2021

    new development direction of vacuum packaging machine

    The packaging industry is undergoing transformation and upgrading. Facing the broad development space in the future, the vacuum packaging machine industry must strive to develop new technologies in order to occupy a place in the increasingly fierce market competition and the rapidly growing market.

  • 1309-2021

    New standards for takeaway food packaging

    With the increasing popularity of takeaway food, the safety of takeaway food packaging has received more and more attention. A newest escort for the "last mile" of takeaway food safety--Vacuum packaging for takeaway food.

  • 1808-2021

    Global Packaging Trends

    In the past, there was a kind of consumer thinking called "A product can not look good, but it must not be bad to use." In this case, good-looking refers to the packaging and design of the product. And easy to use refers to its formula and efficacy. When the era of material scarcity and limited production technology has passed, it is becoming more and more difficult for consumers to accept a face-saving product. For them, whether the packaging of the product is innovative, environmental protection, or even a sense of science and technology are the key factors that affect their consumption behavior.

  • 2107-2021

    Advantages of Vacuum skin pack

    Vacuum skin packaging, from frozen, semi-frozen, refrigerated, to cooked food, flexible and variable packaging, is gradually becoming popular worldwide. In South Korea, lunch boxes packed in vacuum skin package have already entered every household. Vacuum skin packaging, is it still far from you?

  • 2007-2021

    How to pack cooked food / fast food?

    With the acceleration of people's life rhythm and the increasing demand for convenience foods, the safety and convenience of cooked food packaging has gradually become a major issue in the packaging industry.

  • 1407-2021

    Environmental protection-the mission of cardboard skin packaging

    With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection on a global scale, people's requirements for environmentally friendly food packaging are also increasing. That's why cardboard skin packaging appears.

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