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  • 2611-2021

    Application in food industry-Vacuum skin packaging machine

    Vacuum skin packaging products are widely accepted by people worldwide.

  • 1711-2021

    The principle of food MAP packaging

    Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), also known as gas replacement packaging, is widely used in the preservation packaging of fresh food (fish, meat, fruits and vegetables), cooked food and grilled food. Compared with frozen packaged foods, modified atmosphere packaging for foods has high freshness preservation quality, which can maintain the original juice, original taste and original color of foods, and meets the requirements of ready-to-eat or cooking in kitchen engineering.

  • 1111-2021

    3D skin pack---The best package for steak

    For users, freshness and convenience are the first elements of packaging, but for the industry, in addition to these elements, more to be considered is the ability to "sustainable development." It is estimated that 33% of all fresh foods we produce have never been eaten. This is equivalent to 1.3 billion tons of food, accounting for 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, most of the landfill waste is food waste.

  • 0211-2021

    thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machines

    The automatic rigid film vacuum skin packing machine is a multi-function machine. It not only forms the rigid film to plastic tray, but also achieved vacuum skin pack.

  • 1810-2021

    Development trend of packaging industry

    Vacuum Skin packing is a new type of packaging technology that has become popular in recent years. It is mostly used in fresh and frozen products, the most common of which is meat products. Despite the high cost of skin-fitting packaging, more and more production companies have begun to use this packaging in some frozen and fresh products with higher added value.

  • 1009-2021

    Application of modified atmosphere packaging 1

    With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for freshness and appearance of fresh aquatic and marine fish are gradually increased, and there are higher requirements for packaging methods. The modified atmosphere packaging machine perfectly meets this demand of customers.

  • 0709-2021

    Application of modified atmosphere packaging 2

    MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging) is a food packaging method that changes the atmospheric composition in the packaging. This method is usually combined with low temperature, which can effectively extend the shelf life of food. Food-grade gas provided by Shanghai Sanjing Machinery Co., Ltd. will help extend the shelf life of your meat and poultry, which will improve product quality and minimize waste. Our experts will select the right food grade gas mixture for you based on your product and production process.

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