Application in food industry-Vacuum skin packaging machine


Vacuum skin packaging, also known as skin vacuum packaging, or vacuum bundle packaging, begins with a transparent vacuum skin packaging film that is heated and softened to cover the surface of the packaged product, while a vacuum suction force is used to form the skin film in accordance with the shape of the product and paste it on the packaging container (such as plastic tray, cardboard or film/bubble film, etc.). In this way, the product is tightly secured between the upper film and the container for optimal transparency display and vacuum protection. Nowdays, the most extensive application of vacuum packing is in the food industry. Let's show you the details as below:

Applications: frozen food, cold meat, aquatic products (frozen and fresh fish, shrimp, octopus, etc), moon cake, sushi, fast food, vegetables, etc.

Vacuum skin Packing method: vacuum skin packing film is used to fit the bottom plastic tray (plastic film or tray, foam gasket), and the product shape is perfectly formed into vacuum skin packing, so as to prevent vacuum oxidation, keep fresh and extend the storage life. Special food vacuum skin packing machine is needed to achieve vacuum skin package.

Below are the photos for vacuum skin packing machine and vacuum skin package:

Application in food industry-Vacuum skin packaging machine

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