How to pack cooked food / fast food?


We have fully understood the application of vacuum skin packaging on frozen products and semi-frozen products, so how is the application of vacuum skin packaging on cooked food, let us take a closer look.

In fact, in some countries and regions, vacuum skin packaging has been widely used in the cooked food packaging industry, and can be directly heated by microwave heating.

Microwave heating case

Vacuum skin package can be attached to the surface of the packaged object, and can also be put directly into the microwave oven for heating, eliminating the process of unpacking and replacing the plate. The different microwave automatic exhaust function can automatically exhaust before the food is fully heated. There is no need to open vents in advance. It is easy to use, provides a "steamer" effect, protects the original taste and flavor of food, and has a unique easy-to-uncover function for vacuum skin-packing, which can be easily peeled off without residue. Lunch box with vacuum skin packaging perfectly reproduce the shape of the product.

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