Skin Packaging composition and process


Skin Packaging Place the product on a substrate that is breathable, made of cardboard, plastic film or sheet, covered with a heat-softened plastic film or sheet, vacuumed through the substrate, and the film or sheet is tight. A packaging method in which the product is wrapped and sealed around the substrate.

Skin Packaging

The skin Packaging and the blister package belong to the plastic sheet thermoformed filling package, and the substrate is made of plastic sheets and transparent holes and paperboard, aluminum foil and the like. However, the packaging process is different. The difference is that the blister package requires a thermoforming mold to first make holes (blister eyes) and then fill the articles, while the body packaging does not require a thermoforming mold. After the packaging material is softened by heating, the packaged article itself is used as a mold. The molding is sealed with the substrate by means of an adhesive on the substrate paperboard, and the packaged film is attached to the packaged article after cooling.

It consists of a plastic film, a heat seal coating and a substrate (paperboard with larger pores). The plastic sheet of the body-package can be completely attached to the packaged article like the skin and fastened to the substrate, and the article is not easy to slide in the package, so it is particularly suitable for packaging some complicated shapes or fragile, afraid of squeezing Compressed goods.

1. skin Packaging composition


Schematic diagram of the cross-section of the skin package 1 a plastic sheet; 2 a product; 3 a heat seal coating; 4 a cardboard

2. Skin packaging materials Plastic film used for body packaging is commonly used LDPE, PVC and ionomers (Ionomers, Durly's Surlyn has excellent transparency, hot tack, strength, etc.). The substrate material is usually white cardboard with a thickness of 0.45~0.60mm. In order to facilitate vacuuming, paperboard with larger pores should be used, or small holes can be opened on the substrate by using a needle roller.

Skin Packaging

3. the process of skin packaging The body packaging and blister packaging packaging effect is similar, but the process is different. The body package does not require a special thermoforming mold, but the product itself is used as a mold. Body-wrap packaging can only be formed by vacuum blistering and not by blow molding, so the substrate must be permeable (such as corrugated cardboard) or a small hole (white cardboard) should be used to evacuate. The method is to pass the substrate cardboard through a roller with a needle to open a small hole. The diameter of the hole is about 0.15 mm, and it is about 3-4 inches per square centimeter.

Skin Packaging process: 1 Put the product and packaging bottom plate into the vacuum chamber of the body packaging machine, the heater starts to heat so that the body film is clamped in the film frame to be softened by heat; 2 the body film which is softened by appropriate heating drops in the film frame Cover the product to be packaged; 3 The heater stops heating, and at the same time, the vacuum is started, the body film is tightly adsorbed on the product and pasted on the bottom plate to form a body package; 4 the film frame is opened, and the packaged product is taken out.

Skin Packaging Machine

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