The importance of pure stainless steel for vacuum packaging machine


Industrial vacuum packaging machines are made of stainless steel. Because vacuum packaging machines are mostly used in food packaging, they not only require good cleaning, but also are resistant to oil and corrosion. Most food machinery manufacturers use 304 stainless steel. But many manufacturers will use 201 stainless steel to reduce costs, because it is a new product, so many consumers can't distinguish it with the naked eye. It doesn't take long to buy it back, it will show up in its original shape, because 201 stainless steel, although it is called stainless steel, will still easily rust. This is why our manufacturers do not recommend buying equipment that is too cheap.

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Most manufacturers will still use 304 stainless steel, because the use of poor materials is easy to be found by customers. But there is also a place where consumers are easily pitted, that is, the thickness of stainless steel does not match the vacuum pump. Because the vacuum chamber must bear a certain pressure during the operation of the vacuum packaging machine. The larger the vacuum pump, the thicker the stainless steel can match. Many customers do not understand that the same is 100 pumps, why is your home so expensive? The manufacturer uses a thin stainless steel plate, and the customer does not feel it for 1-2 years, but suddenly you may find that the vacuum chamber is deformed one day, and the repair cannot be repaired. You need to replace the vacuum chamber cover.

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