Vacuum skin packaging of cooked food and lunch box


Since the beginning of 2020, with the epidemic of the new coronavirus, "no contact" has become a hot word in the catering industry. It is one of the needs of food and beverage consumers to want to taste delicious food conveniently, and do not want the risk of cross-contamination of personnel. Some insiders said that the habit of cultivating the public in response to public safety issues has become the driving force for the continuous development of the contactless catering industry. In the future, the development process of intelligent unmanned catering and vacuum packaging equipment will be further accelerated.

Nowadays, with the efforts of technical staff, unmanned meal sales equipment is more and more common. Last year, an unmanned breakfast and lunch box vending machine was launched in a community in Beijing. The food sold in the equipment comes from the centralized purchase of the central kitchen. When the customer chooses to buy breakfast or lunch box through the screen, the machine will heat the breakfast before pushing it out.

A technology company in San Francisco, USA, also launched an automatic bread vending machine, which can sell 15 to 18 different foods, including croissants, turkey and savoury sandwiches and pizza. The storage system inside the device can hold and refrigerate 80 pieces of food. When a customer places an order for food, the machine will select the food box and hear the characteristics of different foods to use a combination of microwave, infrared and convection heating to heat the food. The heating time is usually between 60 seconds and 3 minutes.

Although the unmanned meal sales equipment avoids the artificial pollution that may occur during the production process, the cross-contamination that may occur during food processing within the equipment should not be underestimated. The fully sealed vacuum packaging form of vacuum skin packaging can just isolate food from the external environment and avoid food contamination to a large extent. At the same time, the top film on the vacuum skin package gradually bulges during the microwave heating process, and is separated from the food, which is convenient for customers to eat and more humanized.

The catering industry is closely related to the health of the people. Therefore, many companies in the catering industry are experimenting with cooked food, packed lunches, and innovative sales models. With the increasingly prominent limitations of the traditional retail industry, novel packaging methods and intelligent, unmanned meal sales equipment are becoming new outlets for the development of the catering industry, with a large-scale growth trend in the future.

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