Vacuum packing machine

rolling vacuum packaging machine is widely used for vacuum packaging of bagged products, such as marine products such as fish, beef, pork, chicken, pickles and other products. Working principle of rolling vacuum packing machine is making use of chain drive, continuous automatic belt, continuous output products, the whole machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, waterproof and moisture-proof computer touch screen control, the operating system is fully closed, so that the packaged food is clean and hygienic.

  • continuous vacuum packing machine

    continuous vacuum packing machine

    The working principle of the automatic rolling vacuum packaging machine for Chicken: vacuumizing - sealing - delaying - venting. The delay time is set to 2.5-3 seconds to make the seal beautiful.

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  • rolling vacuum packing machine

    rolling vacuum packing machine

    Rolling vacuum packaging machine is a kind of automatic vacuum packaging machine, it is chain drive, so it is also called chain vacuum packaging machine. It runs continuously, also known as continuous vacuum packaging machine.
    1. One person can operate the machine, saving labor.
    2. The conveyor belt can be adjusted at a certain angle, and the items are packaged in an inclined state, so that the items are not easy to overflow out of the bag. It is especially suitable for vacuum packaging of powder, paste and juice-containing items.
    3. It can be used in conjunction with the assembly line, directly unloading on the assembly line conveyor chain, and some directly into the pasteurization tank.
    4. The machine has fast vacuuming, high automatic conveying efficiency, and the production efficiency is 3-5 times that of general packaging equipment. It is a fully automatic, labor-saving, low-investment and quick-effective vacuum packaging equipment.
    5. The rolling vacuum packaging machine is equipped with a sealing cooling system, which can quickly cool after heating and sealing, so that the sealing is smooth and beautiful.

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