food thermoforming vacuum packing machine

  • Food Vacuum Packaging Machine

    Food Vacuum Packaging Machine

    Stretch film Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine is widely used for the packaging of sausage, ham, cheese, pizza, bean products, whole fish (salmon for example), dried fish, spiced egg, dried tofu, etc. The packages by this thermoforming vacuum packaging machine has the characteristic of Extreme hygineic, Beautiful package, extend shelf life which are all essential especially for food. Until now our stretch film thermoforming vacuum packaging machines are widely used by customers at home and abroad and the feedback are all positive. New customers are introduced by old customer which form a good benign circle. In order to shorten delivery time and produce high quality stretch film thermoforming vacuum packaging machine, we draw into another CNC to our factory recently. We believe there is no best but better. We'll try our best to produce proud stretch film thermoforming vacuum packaging machine made in China.

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