modified atmosphere packaging tray sealing machine

  • Modified Atomsphere Packaging Tray Sealer

    Modified Atomsphere Packaging Tray Sealer

    The modified atmosphere packaging technology will play a role in the intelligent packaging era. With some food and vegetable fresh-keeping products becoming the mainstream of food consumption and occupying an increasing share in the domestic and foreign markets, the application of modified atmosphere packaging machine will greatly prolong the shelf life of food. With replaceable sealing and cutting mold of modified atmosphere packaging machine, users can change the shape and specification of the tray at any time.

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  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging Tray Sealer

    Modified Atmosphere Packaging Tray Sealer

    Modified atmosphere packaging tray sealer has the characteristics of high automation, reliable quality, long service life, simple maintenance process, large production and wide range of applicability. According to the types of fresh gas needed by different foods, three kinds of fresh gas, two kinds of fresh gas and one kind of fresh gas can be selected to meet different needs of users. High precision gas mixing system can be used to rapidly convert different types and mixing ratios of fresh gas according to different food preservation requirements, so as to achieve the fresh-keeping effect required by customers.

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