Vacuum skin pack for chicken wings

What I want to share with you today is the vacuum skin packaging technology of chicken wings. Last time, I introduced the modified atmosphere packaging of poultry, including chicken, duck, chicken wings and other products. What are the advantages of the vacuum skin packaging of poultry products?

skin packing machine

First of all, the vacuum skin packaging better shows the three-dimensional shape of the product, and the product is more vividly displayed in front of consumers, and consumers can even touch the product directly, although it is separated by a thin and transparent vacuum skin packaging film. but there is almost no difference between the touch and the touch of the real product.
Second, the appearance of the product is more high-end, which enhances the sense of value of the product. It not only meets the requirements of consumer experience, but also better realizes the value of the product, which is really killing two birds with one stone.

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