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  • Black Tiger Shrimp Vacuum skin Packaging Machinery

    Black Tiger Shrimp Vacuum skin Packaging Machinery

    Advantages of vacuum skin packaging by VSP machines: Strong stereoscopic effect, good visual display effect, good sealing and protection. It can effectively prevent moisture, dust and shock. Widely used in various kinds of food, hardware, measuring tools, toys, circuit boards and other electronic components and other industries.

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  • Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

    Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

    The special film on the top tightly wrap the product, but without pressure, so it won't change the shape or decoration of product. Therefore, even sharp or hard parts of the product, such as bones or shells, can be perfectly packaged without breaking. Products packaged with vacuum skin pack can be displayed vertically, horizontally, or even suspended because the top film holds the contents of the package and is completely sealed, preventing any liquid leakage from the product. The further advantage of vacuum skin pack is to extend the shelf life and maintain the taste of the product.

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    Skin Pack Machine

    Skin Pack Machine

    Vacuum skin packaging machine has the advantage of vacuum, stick, strong stereo sense. Product packed by vacuum skin packaging machine almost can not see with the naked eye cause the special transparent top film like a second layer of skin. Product in vacuum skin pack is not only beautiful, oxygen insulation, but also achieve preservation and extended the shelf life, especially for seafood,meat and poultry, toys, small tools, electronic products, etc.

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  • Vacuum Skin Packaging Machinery

    Vacuum Skin Packaging Machinery

    VSP-480TL fully automatic vacuum skin packaging machine/ vacuum skin packaging machinery: The fully automatic vacuum skin packaging machine independently research, development and produced by Shanghai Sanjing Machinery is suitable for large and medium-sized supermarkets and food processing plants. Applications include chilled fresh meat; frozen seafood, meat products and other fields. It has fast packaging speed, strong stability and high cost performance.

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  • VSP Skin Pack Machinery

    VSP Skin Pack Machinery

    The reason for wide and rapid development of vacuum skin pack is that the vacuum skin pack can pack special-shaped products includes vegetables, meat and poultry, aquatic products, toys, small tools, electronic products, etc. The special shrink film affixed to the packaging is generally transparent, sticking tightly to the product, which can show the appearance of the product. Due to the uniform contraction, the special shrink film has a certain toughness, which is not easy to tear at edges and corners. Vacuum skin pack can put the scattered products together. Now, thanks to the successful development of vacuum skin packaging machine, vacuum skin pack can extend the storage period of food and convenient to store. Vacuum skin pack has the advantages of overall seal, moistureproof, antifouling, antirust effect, easy to pile up in the open environment and saving warehouse area; Vacuum skin pack process and equipment are simple, universal and easy to achieve mechanization which save human resources and packaging costs. Vacuum skin packaging machine ensures low packing cost, wide range of applications, reliable performance and high efficiency which is about 10 times more than manual packaging.

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  • Sliced Salmon Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

    Sliced Salmon Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

    Vacuum Skin Packing Machine is a kind of equipment for freshness and quality packaging of meat, seafood, cooked food, lunch box and other foods. The Vacuum Skin Packing Machine combines high-quality high-barrier trays and vacuum skin film, which is packaged and refrigerated or frozen to achieve long-term freshness and quality preservation. At the same time, vacuum skin packaging also significantly improves the product's packaging aesthetics and gives products higher market added value.

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  • Skin Packing Machine

    Skin Packing Machine

    Vacuum skin pack could fix the product completely to the bottom tray which will anti shock, anti friction and shatterproof, so it will not be damaged by handling and transportation, especially suitable for the fragile or special-shaped products. Most seafoods are for export after vacuum skin pack, so such package avoid the damage to the product in the process of transportation and reduce the damage rate of the product.

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  • Automatic Vacuum Skin Packaging Machinery

    Automatic Vacuum Skin Packaging Machinery

    More and more products are tightly attached to the plastic tray by a special transparent top film, which perfectly reflects the 3D texture. Whether your product is a conch with a hard shell, a boned steak, or a whole chicken ready to go into the oven, no matter large and small, in various shapes, it will be firmly fixed in the tray by the Automatic Vacuum Skin Packaging Machinery. The top film has been transformed into a second layer of skin on the product by an innovative vacuum technology, which is one of the biggest advantages of the Automatic Vacuum Skin Packaging Machinery.

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