Application and workflow analysis of thermoforming packaging machine


Food is closed related with our life. The demand of the food industry is  growing, with the development of food industry, it also lead to the development of packaging industry. Thermoforming packaging machine, as a kind of automatic equipment, also gradually entered the various food processing enterprises, thermoforming packaging machine application is becoming more and more popular. So what products can the thermoforming packaging machine be used to for packing, and what do you know about the application of thermoforming packaging machine. Let's see together.

Thermoforming packaging machine is a multi-function vacuum packaging machine with relatively high degree of automation.thermoforming packaging machine used in what kind of product depends on its working mode, its operation process is different from the traditional double chamber vacuum packaging machine, this is why it can achieve a high degree of automation.

Its main workflow is as below.

1. Film stretching

As we all know, thermoforming packaging machine is a form of packaging obtained by stretching the bottom film and then covering product with the upper film. Before working, install the bottom film on the reel and drive the bottom film to the forming area through the operation of the chain.

2. Stretch forming.

When the bottom film runs below the forming plate, the bottom film is heated by the heating plate, and then the film is stretched out to the shape of the mold to prepare for the next step of material filling.

3. Material feeding.

This process is mostly completed manually. The products to be packaged are placed into the lower film cavity manually, and then the chain runs to the next process. Thermoforming packaging machine used in which products for packaging, depends entirely on this process. Generally the feeding of solid products is completed by manual, such as bean curd, dried beef, chicken feet, donkey-hide gelatin, cakes, etc. These products, for some snacks with a small amount of liquid food, for example: a small bag of ready-to-eat pickles products, this is more suitable for using mechanical loading, also can add a small amount of liquid filling function. Thermoforming packaging machine application scope is wide, like meat, bean products, seafood, agricultural and sideline products, snack food such as the food industry, for the hardware industry, electronic components is more suitable for these products, just because of the diversification of stretch film packaging machine application, so the Thermoforming packaging machine once enter the market, it enjoys high praise from various indutries.

4. Top film coverage.

This step is to cover the top film on the bottom film cavity after placing the material, so as to form a packaging form that the product is wrapped by the upper and lower film.

5. Vacuum sealing.

This process is a more important process, this is the product for heat sealing and vacuum, which also directly determines the appearance of the product.

6. Date of printing. 

This is the process of printing the date of the product, which is also a key point to determine whether the product is qualified.

7. Product segmentation.

When the product runs here, it means it has reached the finished product. The cutter will cut the product horizontally and then cut it vertically. After cutting, it will be a complete finished product.

Above is the whole operation process of thermoforming packaging machine, for thermoforming packaging machine applications, it is under continuously update, research and development personnel for the feeding and weighing equipment is in the unceasing study. Thermoforming packaging machine application along with the advance of technology, is also more and more widely, it is also very bullish prospect. Let us look forward to that day when thermoforming packaging machine with more functions!

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