vertical gas adjustment vacuum packaging machine

  • The Vacuum Gas Adjustment Packaging Machine

    The Vacuum Gas Adjustment Packaging Machine

    MAP packaging machine is specially launched for fresh meat, cooked meat, vegetable, fruit, bread and other cooked food, etc. The modified atmosphere packaging machine adopts vacuum style. That is to say, under the condition of fully enclosed vacuum chamber, vacuum chamber is pumped by vacuum pump to form a high vacuum degree in the vacuum chamber and then filled with mixed gas which is suitable for extending shelf life of products. Modified atmosphere packaging can reduce the residual oxygen content in the package to a very low level, which is conducive to the accurate control of the proportion of mixed gas. In this way the gas replacement rate can reach ≥99%, which effectively solves the problem of the poor freshness preservation effect caused by the high residual oxygen content in the traditional method which use mixed gas to flush the package directly.

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