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fast food MAP Packaging Machine
  • Sanjing
  • Shanghai, China
  • 25 working days
  • 200 pieces/ year

When cooked food are packaged in modified atmosphere package (MAP), the mixing ratio of fresh gas is: nitrogen (N2) 64% ~ 66%, carbon dioxide (CO2) 34% ~ 36%, gas replacement rate ≥98%. Since many microorganisms (bacteria) need O2 to grow and reproduce, reducing oxygen content can slow down the growth rate of bacteria (except anaerobic bacteria). The results showed that the reasonable mixture of N2 and CO2 formed a broad spectrum of bacteriostasis, color and taste protection layer on the food surface, and preserved cooked food under low oxygen environment. Therefore, when the error rate and replacement rate of gas mixing precision cannot reach the target, its bacteria-inhibiting and fresh-keeping effect is basically ineffective.

Sanjing Semi Automatic MAP Packaging machine:

modified atmosphere packaging MAP machine

Characteristics of the machine: 

1) Safe and easy to operate with PLC touch screen operating system.
2) Mold: according to customer's requirement.


(1) fresh fruits, vegetables and mushrooms;

(2) marinated vegetables, stir-fried vegetables and fish products;

(3) moon cakes, cakes and bean products;

(4) fresh duck, poultry and aquatic products;

(5) pickles and preserved wax products;

(6) tea, Chinese herbal medicine and native products;

(7) all kinds of food that need to be kept fresh in the distribution center of the supermarket.

Packaging sample for fast food / fast meal as below:

semi automatic MAP packaging equipmentsemi automatic MAP packing machine

Technical data:

Machine Parameters (MAP-400VT)
Electric source380V/50HZ
Working air pressure0.6-0.8MPA
Air exhaust rate100M2/hour
Air replacement rate99.6%


modified atmosphere packaging MAP machine

Warranty period:
1 year.

Permanent free technical consulting service.

Any problem caused by our party within one year from the date of shipment, we will provide free spare parts for the repairment(except quick-wear part). After one year, we can provide the spare parts, but the user should pay for the related cost, including cost of the spare parts, delivery cost etc.

Q1: What do you need to make a specific offer for my product?
1) The demension of the package
2) Machine capacity per hour
3) Any other special requirement you need

Q2: How long does it take to deliver the machine after the deposit?

Usually it will take 25 working days. Before shipment, the machine will be tuned carefully. 

About us:
semi automatic MAP packaging equipment

Shanghai Sanjing Machinery Co., Ltd has been in the line of vacuum packaging machine industry for more than 10 years. We have been devoted ourselves to the researching, developing and manufacturing of vacuum packaging machine and now we have 3 main categories: Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine, Vacuum skin packaging machine and Modified atmosphere vacuum packaging machine. 

Our machines are widely used in the line of food industry including fresh meat, fruit and vegetable, seafood, snacks, medical supplies, electronics, hardware, etc.


Nowdays we are living in a world which change so fast. In order to keep up with the pace of the times, we've been innovatiing all the time, not only for the machine design, the material, the new electric brand, but also the new packing style. 

Two years ago, when vacuum skin packaging machine become popular, luckily we are one of the first manufacturers who have worked out vacuum skin packaging machine for this new packing style and until now our vacuum skin packaging machine are widely used by customers at home and abroad.


We advocate win-win cooperation and mutual benefit. So we not only provide our esteemed customer with high quality machine, but also our best service. Besides the 1 year warranty, we provide free technical consulting service permanently.

The 30th Malaysia PACK and FOODPRO 2019
The 30th Malaysia PACK and FOODPRO 2019
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